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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Monument to Faith or Foolishness

Monument to Faith or Foolishness

Alone, unkept, stands the monument to vanity.
For ages has it stood on the crested dunes of the high desert sands.
Covered in the sediment of time - a tribute to man's insanity.
It echoes the woeful dirge of forgotten potentates and lands.

The poet has dubbed the ugly edifice, Ozymandias![1]
It neither speaks, nor does it possess a date, for it is timeless.
The crumbled stones give expression of all vainglorious,
And on its trunk no names of nations that remain faceless.

There is a Land Between the Seas of whom mention is not made.
That land is a work in progress whose end is yet to be learned,
The morning of its founding gave hope of future promise laid
In God whose Son the Tempter spurned.

In some gray quarry beyond the Veil of Time,
That nation, tall and grand, is writing its final tribute page
Either to glorious remembrance line by line,
Or to the reprehensible fate of ignoble rage.

The Eagle of its Nature sits high upon the craggy Rock,
Whose eyes are keen to see the past and future scenes.
It has the power to soar, and to open up the lock
That opens God's favor to nations, peoples, kings and queens.

What words may be engraved concerning the Land Between the Seas?
Will they omit a name or time of passage in its course?
Or shall that land rise up again before the Sands of Time cease,
And once more bear to heart its Godly source?

That tale will be told in a host of tongues,
For nations are comprised of multitudes and not the few.
Each one who calls himself a citizen and to the forefront runs,
Must form and  grave the  face that's missing from our view.

God bless America Again!
©2015 Jerry L. Ogles

[1] Ozymandias was a Greek name for the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II. All prominent figures and the empires they build are impermanent and their legacies fade to decay and oblivion once they no longer follow their founding principles and join they parade led by the Prince of Darkness.