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The center of the Traditional Anglican Communion; adhering to the Holy Bible (KJV) in all matters of Faith and Doctrine, a strict reliance on the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, The two Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, the Two Creeds, and the Homilies and formularies of the Reformation Church of England.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Deacon Wilson Menoia ordained in the Solomon Islands

Pictured left to right: the Rev Richard Sopamana, Deacon Wilson Menoia, Sufragan Bishop Mostyn Prana, and the Most Rev Zephaniah Legumana, Presiding Bishop of the Solomon Islands and the Pacific Basin.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of churches now on the eastern most provincial islands of the Solomon Islands under the able and proven leadership of Bishop Zephaniah Legumana. Sants Cruz now boasts of an AOC group of churches at Bimbir under the local cure’ of Deacon Wilson Menoia, recently ordained by Sufragan Bishop Mostyn Prana and presented by the Rev. Richard Sopamana. Deacon Wilson will later be ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Legumana so that a full and active church can continue on Santa Cruz Islands. 

Our churches in Santa Cruz Island were recently hit by a devasting earthquake and tsunami, however, by the grace of God, no loss of life attended this disaster. Much damage was, however, done to crops and farmland so that the people are without food resources. Through the generosity of AOC donors, we are sending $1,000.00 of emergency aid and solicit your prayers and further donations for these wonderful people of the islands of the sea.

Respectfully in Christ,

Jerry L. Ogles
Presiding Bishop