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The center of the Traditional Anglican Communion; adhering to the Holy Bible (KJV) in all matters of Faith and Doctrine, a strict reliance on the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, The two Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, the Two Creeds, and the Homilies and formularies of the Reformation Church of England.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

16 February 2013 - Special Prayer Request

Remembrance of those who have gone before us
Kenneth Wayne Ogles was killed in action on 16 February 1967, in the Ia Drang Valley, in the Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam, with the First Platoon of C Company, the First Battalion of the 8th Cavalry, First Cavalry Division at the age of 19.  Kenneth joined the National Guard at age 17 and immediately transferred to the active Army’s First Cavalry Division.  He wanted to make a difference, to do his duty to God and Country and protect the innocent people of South Vietnam.  He gave all that we might be free.  Please join us in remembering his service and sacrifice, as well as the hurt that it cost the entire Ogles family, the sacrifice and pain is no less 46 years later.  Remember Kenneth the next time someone wants you to give a little freedom for the promise of safety or comfort.

Requiem to the American Soldier

Mine eyes have searched the battlefields, two hundred years ago,
And fixed upon my Fathers...with crosses row-on-row.
Their blood has nourished Courage and Ardent Virtue bought.
They stood in battle bravely - and fought the wars they fought.

The mist of years have softened, but the battle’s heat I feel:
Their lines sway like a banner as they charge up San Juan Hill.
In timeless sleep they stagger, beneath a khaki sky,
But stand forth ever ready, to fight, to win, or die.

On Chickamauga’s creek beds, and Santiago’s slopes
They fought as ones be-knighted, defending cherished hopes.
From the Ardennes’ bloody contest, to the walls of old Bastogne
American blood and courage Have gained the Heights alone.

The shots at Concord township, join those of Gettysburg,
And those fired at Fort Sumter, around the world were heard.
The beaches red at Normandy, and those of Inchon’s shores
Were bought and paid by courage, yet still the battle roars.

The Marines on Iwo Jima, and Troops at Kasserine Pass,
Gave force to Freedom’s mandate, that right prevail at last.
The Airmen over Bremen, and Naval Guns at Guam,
Brought thunder out of Heaven, ere Peace could bring the Calm.

On Mekong Delta’s paddies, and Khe Son’s rugged slopes
The Grand Old Flag was lifted, with clear and crispy notes.
America’s youth and valor, were tested, tried and torn
But pressed on proud and bravely, despite the Traitor’s scorn.

To you, you Knights of Valor, Press on the torch of Right.
Reclaim the trailing Ensign, Restore the Shining Light.
The Light of Freedom’s promise, The hope of present years,
Are now the struggle’s object, Though won through Sweat and Tears.

A City, Bright and Gleaming, stands grandly on the Rise.
The blood-bought fruits of Freedom beneath the Azure Skies,
Are all our Fathers fought for, and freely bled and paid
So you and I could know them, before the glory fades.

With God our hope established in pastures Green with Love
And all our National Treasures, a gift from Him above,
We have no right to wander from Truth or Light or Trust,
But to the Throne of Mercy, our March is Good and Just.

~Jerry Ogles, Bishop, Anglican Orthodox Church
To the soldier-patriot everywhere