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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fourth Sunday after Easter - Mothers Day - AOC Sunday Report

The entire AOC Sunday Report is RIGHT HERE!

Happy Mothers Day and Fourth Sunday after Easter!

I know some of you will not take the time to read the entire AOC Sunday Report, but I beg you to consider this short piece:

On this Mother’s Day, it is very easy for us to look back at our mother’s life and think of all the things we like about our mother.  We like, it is all about our mother and what she did for us.  The pivotal thought seems to be us.  It is not about us, our / us is merely an adjective to describe a particular mother.  For motherhood is about self-sacrifice.  Putting the child’s welfare above that of the mother.

The love of the mother for her children comes with a price; yet the price paid is not without return.   The last words of almost all soldiers who die in battle are either “Mom” or “Jesus.”  There is a lesson all in of itself.

What did your mom choose?  An extra child or an extra home or trailer?  Your schooling, or her vacation without you?  Dental work for you or a new car for her?  Shoes for you or a fancy dress for her?

Jesus commanded us to follow Him, He who put our lives before His.  Who on this earth does this more consistently than mothers?

Saint James tells us in his Epistle, “Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only.” Who on this earth does this more consistently than mothers?

As Christians we need to uphold and recognize the example of sacrifice in motherhood so that we might understand the sacrifice made by God on our behalf in Jesus’ death for our sin.

There is a lot to consider in the AOC Sunday Report which is RIGHT HERE!

There are really great sermons from Bishops Jerry and Roy, as well as Revs Jack and Bryan.  These fellows just do not give up.  Each week, every week!   Good stuff!

There are also a lot of people who need your prayers.  Shamim just came out of her seventeenth surgery for to fix damage done to her at Walter Reed Medical Center.  It seems to have gone well and she asks your prayers of thanksgiving and for continued and full healing.   Kurt is recovering from the infection and heart reconstruction, but needs a lot more recovering, give thanks and pray for continued healing.  Jim, Mary, Bob and Michael need your prayers to drive the cancer from their bodies and strengthen them and their families, work out from there.

The week ahead promises to be EPIC with God's Help and Grace.


Church of the Faithful Centurion
Descanso, California